Topic outline

  • Topic 1

    Pick and Scan in Voyager 9

    Main Topics:
    • What's new in Voyager 9.0
    • Security
    • Changes to Make
    • Records to Change
    • Logs
    Lesson duration: 35 minutes
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  • Topic 2

    Course Description: Utilizing the Pick and Scan feature in Voyager:
    • What is Pick and Scan?
    • What is Needed to Run Pick and Scan?
    • How to Use Pick and Scan
    • Changeable Item Statuses
    • Record History
    Voyager Pick and Scan lesson is relevant for both Circulation and Cataloging modules.

    Lesson duration: 6.5 minutes

    Lesson type: HowTo

    Intended audience: Technical Services or System Librarians.

    Prerequisites: Attendees should have a basic knowledge of MARC and item records in Voyager.